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We've vastly simplified how you can contact us and our apologies for not doing it long ago. First, a few answers to frequently asked questions...

If we can be of further help, send us an . Or call us at 424.274.2367.


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  • who's your favorite character?
  • what's your favorite story?
  • where were you when Bjorn was set free?
  • the city, station and time where you are hearing the Jungle Jam Radio Show

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Silly People

  • Nathan was the voice of Agapeland's Sir Oliver and Stanley Tutter and the lead singer for Candle.
  • David is an editing genius. He won the Promax Award for Dramatic Television Promotion for his work at Fox Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Phil is the creator of another series, Adventures in Odyssey. He plays Mr. Taylor on the videos.
  • Buddy is real good with a guitar and has the Grammy nominations to prove it. His country record, "Your Love and Other Lies," is one of our favorites. Julie, his wife, makes up totally amazing songs.
  • Jeff can't touch-type. He's also a top secret government agent. Don't tell anyone, okay?
  • David, Nathan, Phil and Jeff

    David, Nathan, Phil and Jeff

  • The company used to be called, "Woolly Mammoth Entertainment." Then we changed the name to "Fancy Monkey Studios." Everything's fair game for a punch up, right?




Finally, the much-anticipated interview that's been in the making for seven years is here. After a great deal of effort and huge expense, sat down with Nathan -- and had the no-holds-barred conversation we've all been anxiously awaiting. What's up?

Nathan: N'much.

Be sure to join us next time for our candid and revealing discussion with sound designer/editor extortionate, David. Here's a sneak preview... Hey.

David: Huh?



Nathan learns what happens to writers at Fancy Monkey who "just aren't feeling funny today."


Update for Parents

Somebody, we don't remember who exactly, suggested we make new episodes of the Jungle Jam radio show.

So we're giving it a go. Last year we released two new downloadable episodes: "Driving Miss Lazy" and "They Shoe Horses, Don't They?" Look for more new downloads coming soon.

Of course, all the previous episodes have been re-mastered and are available right here as well. Many of you have asked us to offer our episodes in the less-expensive downloadable format for gift-giving. We think it's a great idea and have put together a gift certificate program.

If you enjoy Jungle Jam, but still haven't given the Little Dogs a try, we think you're in for a treat.

But what about animating Jungle Jam? Somebody suggested that too. We're still working on it.

It's not been a straight road, but we're not an easily discouraged group.

Next, many of you have asked about materials for staging the Jungle Jam Christmas musical "Three Wise Men and a Baby." The radio show version of the program is available for download. The accompaniment CD is available as well. The script and sheet music (special thanks to Robert Parker for the on-line sheet music), as well as everything else we have, is available right here.

We also get asked a lot if there are print music/accompaniment tracks available for any of the Jungle Jam or Little Dogs songs. We're happy to announce that there are some Jungle Jam songs available as sheet music. Take Me Home, Prairie Roads, the Little Dogs songs, are all available as downloads.

Finally, if you're wondering where you can hear Jungle Jam and Friends, the Radio Show! you could call your local Christian station. If they don't already play the series, wheedle, goad and cajole them into starting soon. If they need the episodes, have them send us an e-mail. We'll supply them and help them get the show on the air.

We hope that this answers at least most of your questions. If not, or if you'd like to get a letter to the creators of Jungle Jam and Little Dogs, send us an .

Thank you for your support. We're so glad that you came to visit us!

- Your friends at Fancy Monkey Studios



Episode Guide

Welcome to our Jungle Jam episode guide...



After you order, we'll e-mail a link to a zip file containing your audio.

If you don't already have a way to UnZip files, there are numerous free options for you. Here are just a few:

For Windows, try Pea Zip. For the iPhone or iPad, there's iZip. For Android devices, there's AndroZip. For even more options, check out these.

Please note: you may want to put CustomerCare@ in your e-mail contact list to help prevent our e-mail with your links ending up in your spam or junk e-mail folders.

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Jungle Jam Chapter Books... featuring two brand new stories from the jungle! Pure fun for kids ages 6 to 74 (some material not appropriate for 75 year olds).



Jungle Jam Compact Discs... each featuring two episodes from the jungle! Pure fun for kids ages 6 to 74 (some material not appropriate for 75 year olds).

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Clearance and Specials

Jungle Jam Clearance and Specials... Pure fun for kids ages 6 to 74 (some material not appropriate for 75 year olds).




Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for downloads!

  • Give some MUSIC!
  • Give some EPISODES of the radio show!
  • Great for birthday and holiday gifts!
  • Certificate is 8.5" x 5.5", glossy, and printed on heavy card stock; allow time for mailing.
  • Or have a PDF certificate sent via email.

Sample of back:

Gift Certificate for Downloads


Little Dogs videos... Pure fun for kids ages 6 to 74 (some material not appropriate for 75 year olds).







Three Wise Men and a Baby

Get everything you need right here to perform the Jungle Jam Christmas play "Three Wise Men and a Baby." Download the radio show version of the program to hear how the Jungle Jam gang performed it; order the accompaniment tracks to assist your performance; and download the free script, sheet music and program art as well.



Performance Split Trax


Script, Sheet Music and Art

Click for free script and sheet music.

Click for free program art.

Jungle Jam

Jungle Jam Characters

Coloring Pages

Get printable coloring pages here.


Dial M for Monkey.

Golden Rocks and the Tree Pears.

Sully Makes a Friend.

The Treasure of the Sierra Marbles.

Three Wise Men and a Baby.


Movieguide Review
Christian Parenting Review
Parent World Review
Tennessean Review
Washington Times Review

The Merry Christmas Show!

... a musical variety radio program recorded live in front of a studio audience and featuring a brand-new story from Jungle Jam and Friends, the Radio Show!


Sheet Music

We've made sheet music for some of the more popular Jungle Jam songs available...

Three Wise Men and a Baby

Bear Hug

In Harmony


Love Doesn't Leave Anybody Out

There's Just One You

It's a Jungle Out There

Jesus Is Our King

Lots of Joy


Little Dogs on the Prairie

Just when you thought it was safe to explore the Old West...

Just when you thought every single nook and cranny of the Old West had been thoroughly examined and completely uncovered by movies and television...

Just when you thought there would never be a western about prairie dogs living in a western town, experiencing wacky, zany, nutty adventures, each teaching extremely valuable life lessons and principles...

Just when you thought there would never be a talking prairie dog named Hollister or Gilroy or Sport or Darcy or Scout or Patterson or a hair stylist cat named Miss Kittey...

Think again.

Dig A Well

Dum de dum dum dum. Hey, everybody! Gruffy Bear here!


Many of you have written in generously offering to make donations to Jungle Jam. As we've said, we earn our way when you buy our books, downloads or videos.

However we've come across something we're tremendously excited to present to you, something both worthy and in need of your generous support. But first, pour yourself a clean, cool glass of water to enjoy while reading this. Now let's say as you read a sentence or two further, you come across a thirsty Tanzanian child. You'd give him a sip of your refreshing water, wouldn't you?

In a way, you just came across that child.

This is a picture of our friend, Bruce Collins. He's not the child. He digs wells in Tanzania while his wife Pam takes care of their three kids (and does the e-mails and cooks and acts as nurse...) Actually, that's... that's not Bruce, that's a picture of Bruce's truck.

Um, well, just imagine him sitting in there. There he is. Hi, Bruce.

Like Jungle Jam, Bruce and Pam are all about practical Christianity. That's why we thought you might like to meet them.

They create sources of clean water for people who literally don't have it. And the entire operation is extremely cost-effective (only 10% of donations goes to World Serve for overhead; everything else helps Bruce dig deep wells). How much more practical can you get than that?

More than 800 million people around the world lack access to clean drinking water. Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water. And every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. Please take a minute and Bruce and Pam right now. Ask them all about the wells they dig and the tribes they help. Ask to get on their e-mailing list. Ask them some tough questions about how the hard-earned money you can donate will be used.

We think once you do, you'll want to be a part of digging wells too.


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